In a few hours I’ll go to Akumal, Mexico! See you in a couple of weeks :)

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Vanessa Redgrave singing Liaisons in the all-star cast A Little Night Music concert [Studio 54, 12.01.2009]

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Giorgio, in Passion

Aw, thanks, this is very flattering! And I really like the character :)

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This is probably far too on the nose, since you're a gorgeous young Italian guy, but ... Fabrizio, from Light in the Piazza.

Not really gorgeous! But it would be interesting to have a Fabrizio who sings in understandable Italian! :)

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Georges/George from Sunday and... Ben Stone in 30 years?

wow, that’s an INTERESTING casting!


RIP Lauren Bacall (September 16, 1924- August 12, 2014)

" I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that"

I’m so excited for Judy Kaye, I hope she’ll finally get the large audience’s recognition she deserves. She’s one of the greatest performers on Broadway and it breaks my heart every time to see how little she’s known despite her two Tonys. I hope Cinderella will make more and more young theatre-goers fall in love with her talent.

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Is Sweeney Todd the only musical Imelda Staunton ever did?

Not at all! She began doing musicals when she was 22, performing in Cabaret. Then she appeared in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Side By Side By Sondheim (singing, amon the others, Losing My Mind), The Beggr’s Opera, Mack & Mabel (she played Mabel! God, I’d kill to hear her singing Time Heals Everything), A Little Night Music, Piaf (in the title role), Guys And Dolls (as Mimi and Adelaide), The Wizard of Oz, Into The Woods (she won her second Olivier for her performance as the Baker’s Wife), Divas at Donmar (with Callway sisters and Barbara Cook), Follies and in a little more than a month she’ll be Mama Rose in the Chichester production of Gypsy.


Wow I love how unappreciative people on here are of plays and continue to idolize musicals even though the musical structure can often be weak and depend solely on its music while plays don’t need that because they stand on story/character alone